Thursday, July 16, 2009

Viewing Point

Kids are amazing.

Get this - my kid has a pen-pal, another kid the same age, diagnosed the same year (different months though). So we received the first letter today. Very exciting stuff!

So you would think my kid would be totally amazed at knowing that somewhere in this planet of ours, there is another kid who has Type 1 Diabetes just like him, and has to go through infusion set site changes, just like him, and whose blood glucose level has to be tested several times a day and night), just like him. Right? I thought he would be very excited about that.

Well, turns out my son just wanted to know how his pen-pal managed to send the letter. He asked if there was a special machine that takes the letters and makes them appear over here.

So I explained about airplanes and the postal service.

So now, my kid is anxious to get a letter ready to post, so I can tell him again how the postal service works.

Imagine that...D is not first and foremost in his head! Guess there's a lesson in there, isn't there?

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