Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Moment in Time

I was looking at a photo album today. There were the usual photos of my kids, at the park, at parties.
Then there was THE photo. Taken 3 days before my oldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Just remembered I have not explained what Type 1 Diabetes is. But I don't think I will explain it. Plenty on internet about it. But I will say it has nothing to do with how badly you eat, nothing. I will come back to this point on another post.

Anyway, I came across THE photo. My throat becomes so tight when I see it because it is the fullness of reality staring back at me.

My son is smiling in that photo. Lovely, lovely smile. Wonderful kid!

But the eyes are so sunken in and he is so did I not see that?! How?! Can you say GUILT? That's how I still feel when I see this photo. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do.
Nothing I could have done would have stopped the disease.

But, I wonder in how much suffering my boy's little body was. I wonder how he was feeling. And that imagine he was in pain, and couldn't voice imagine I didn't see it. And I feel guilty about that.

To make myself feel better I compare that photo to the ones after he was receiving insulin. He looks so healthy in the latter ones.

Do I destroy that photo? Maybe it would be better...but then it would be letting go of that wonderful smile...and I can't do that.

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fredntan2 said...

I have those photos too.
we were on a dream vacation with family to Hawaii before we were dx.

and then there are the photos after, when dh made us go to Busch Gardens right after dx.....I didn't want to go. Wanted to hide from D.....He was right of course.D can't stop us.