Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time to get humble

It's been a hard time emotionally.
Today was the regular apppointment to see the endocrinologist (endo. for short).
The usual stuff is done - checking weight, height and the HbA1c (A1c for short) (google it if you want).
Well the A1c went up, and that put a real damper on my spirits. I knew it would be higher than last time, but was hoping it wouldn't. Sigh...

So, after sulking for a couple of hours about how I hate this disease, and how much work it entails, I put back my fighting gear, asked for help from a forum board I visit often (ok, I practically live there) and am ready to fight this monster again.

This is what is so interesting about Type 1 Diabetes - you think you know, then the disease forces you to accept you may not know it all. So, you're constantly developing new fighting strategies, new ways to keep the enemy at bay.

And in this process, learning how human we all are and that sometimes we need to back down from our noble steed, let go of our previous war gear, and find new battling methods.

This, fully aware that what has worked may not next time, and what you think may work, may actually backfire.

Humility mixed with boldness - what a paradox really!

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Barbara said...

Paula, honey, hang in there. The adversary may suck, but the battle is worthy, and there's much too much at stake to lose. I know you won't surrender -- just as you know I wouldn't -- and our kids will be the winners for our efforts. ((HUGS)) Stay strong.