Monday, March 28, 2011

Happiness is....

Someone on a well-known Type 1 Diabetes message board asked some interesting questions on how to make sure a child growing up with this chronic disease does not have any psychological downsides to it.

There is no easy answer. As with everything in life, you can only do what you can, in the best way you can, with the total well-being of your child first and foremost in your mind.

But this got me thinking. What is happiness? Is it an acceptance of what life deals you and getting on with things? Or is it the pursuit of something better, the perpetual hope you can better your life or yourself?

I think it's neither. I think happiness is what you feel when you see your kid doing kid's things, it is the flowers blooming and a smile comes across your face, it is the blue sky and the sun, it is your favorite item at the grocery-store on sale, it is a quote, a hello, an unexpected blessing in your day. It is all those things and many more, and they all together make for a big thing - the realization you're ok, safe and still here. No matter what, there will always be thousands of little things reminding you to be happy.

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